The Farm Animals

The museum partners with area farms each year to bring in a small selection of traditional livestock from May to October. This generally includes sheep, poultry, pigs, and calves. A few of the animals are mature and rejoin us each year while others arrive as new spring babies who will grow up with us over the season. Where possible we bring in traditional and heritage breeds, typical of what would have been kept in Cole Harbour over the last 100 years.

The animals are all farm livestock, they are not pets and we are not a petting zoo.  Over the course of the summer the sheep, goats and calves will become accustomed to visitors and may enjoy a friendly pat.  Some will learn to enjoy the public attention and approaching the fence to get a good look is encouraged.  It is never wise to attempt to touch the pigs.

Please do not feed or offer any outside food items to the animals.  Each has different requirements and susceptibilities and their systems can be easily upset.  Their diets are carefully regulated and maintained by trained staff.  We appreciate your cooperation in this – it is vital to the animal’s health and well being.

We do not have horses on the site.  While most farms would certainly have kept one or two for work and transport we do not have the space nor the resources to keep a horse adequately housed and exercised within our small site.