Batten down the hatches! (Closed Sept. 16-17)

We’re battening down the hatches,
We’re double checking latches,
and the sheep got all their scratches.
A storm is brewing, but the tearoom isn’t.
The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum and the Rose and Kettle Tearoom will be closed Saturday and Sunday (16th & 17th of September) for the impending storm.
Did you know that “battening down the hatches” is a real thing? Not just something you say before your kid’s birthday party when the whole class ‘storms’ through your front door! A “batten” is a strip of wood designed to cover up gaps between doors. Common places to have seen this would have been on sailing ships deck grates or on root cellar hatches. You can see them on the door and walls in the photo!
We hope you take whatever storm precautions you need, and stay safe when the weather is bad. Remember to stock up on snacks, flashlights and board games! We’ll see you next week!